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Welcome To Tirupur Guide | Last Updated on 09-06-2024.
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Dear Readers,

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the "Pioneer Publishers of Tirupur Trade Directories". Since 1984, we have been publishing TIRUPUR GUIDE.

Every edition is an advanced version in all aspects such as Quality & Quantity. It is more informative, hence its circulation also more than all other directories. Our main motive is to make link between Buyers, Exporters, Mfrs, Sellers, job Work Undertakers and Customers.

All Business addresses of Tirupur District are classified under 1100 relevant headings in alphabetical order. In addition to this, Concern name wise Index is also given. It helps for fast finding. Under main categories index, the related headings are given for quick search. It saves your precious Time, Money & Energy. So, it takes place on the tables of Tirupur businessmen and people having business contact with Tirupur, in India and abroad

Information and Ads given in this guide are uploaded in our Website to develop business contact throughout the world. So business people are choosing Tirupur Guide as the best media for their ads.

We thank those, who have supported us by giving valuable information and ads. We thank the readers, because, before publishing the next edition they made current edition as cut of stock.

The leading English dailies, The Hindu & The New Indian Express have published articles about Tirupur Guide. We thank them also.

Our thanks to our marketing team and our office staffs.